Tertiary Filter Rehabilitation Project - Town of Dyer, IN (2009)

We are very satisfied with the project results. Capacity and reliability of the North Tertiary Filter systems has been completely restored to control plant effluent turbitities.

Plant Superintendent Jeff Dzurovcak Three steel filter cells, manufactured by Hydroclear and installed in 1980 in the Dyer, Indiana, Wastewater Treatment Plant, North Tertiary Filter Building, had deteriorated significantly. Underdrain systems had failed, steel filter cells and piping were corroded, feed pumps and backwash pumps were in need of replacement and control systems no longer functioned properly.

NIES Engineering, working closely with Siemens Technologies who now manufactured the Hydroclear Filter systems, provided engineering services to rehabilitate the tertiary filters. Rehabilitation of each 171 sqft filter cell included, interior sandblasting and painting, installation of improved underdrain systems, and replacement of several key filter components including sand media, air mix piping and diffusers to restore enhanced backwash capability, corroded filter trough weirs, level sensors, solenoid valves, and 12 pneumatically operated butterfly valves for filter operation and backwash control.

Two existing pump and backwash control panels were replaced with one new, PLC based, control panel integrating automatic filter, pump, backwash, air mix, pulse mix and chemical grease clean operations. The project replaced 2, 2250 gpm backwash pumps and 3, 800 gpm feed pumps and their related suction and discharge control valves. A new process water skid was also provided complete with 3 variable speed pumps, upgraded from 60 psi to 80 psi process water capability.

In the original design, 3 pneumatically operated, 14-inch filter effluent control valves had been located outside the North Tertiary Filter Building. Plant Maintenance staff had erected a small, heated enclosure to protect the valves from the elements, but maintenance access remained very limited. Project design included a replacement valve enclosure with improved maintenance access to the effluent control valves.

Key Points

  • Restored Filter Efficiency
  • Upgraded Controls
  • Cost Effective

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