Recirculating Sand Filter Treatment Village of Essex, Illinois

The Village of Essex in western Kankakee County, Illinois, is a community of around 600 people that has experienced consistent growth over the last 60 years with a recent upsurge. The Village has been faced with a long-running challenge when trying to satisfy community sewage needs. The sandy soil and high water table restrict the siting of septic sewer systems, but a new sewer system with treatment plant seemed too expensive.

NIES Engineering, Inc. was called upon to help the Village identify and implement a solution that would fulfill the Village needs, and remain affordable. NIES Engineering initially prepared a Facility Plan that fully addressed the financial, technical and environmental issues involved.

After considering several treatment options the decision was made to select a recirculating sand filter system. The collection system option chosen was the septic tank effluent system (STEP). This type of equipment has been successfully used since the early 1970's to handle modest sanitary volumes where conditions are not suitable for conventional septic systems. The NPDES Permit was applied for and approved for Public Notice by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

With a realistic and attainable Facility Plan in place, the Village was in a position to successfully apply for state grants and low interest loans including an Unsewered Community Grant and a State Revolving Fund Loan.


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