Booster Pump Station - Town of Griffith, IN (2002)

When the Town of Griffith, Indiana, decided to find a new supply of Lake Michigan water, a fast track project commenced that called for innovation, timeliness and above all - teamwork.

NIES Engineering, Inc. was brought in to evaluate the feasibility of bringing water to Griffith from the City of Hammond Water Distribution System. Both distribution systems were subjected to detailed hydraulic analysis. This computer modeling indicated that Hammond could adequately supply Griffth's needs with a booster pumping station.

With an extremely pressing timeline NIES Engineering began design work for 7,000 feet of 24-inch water main, a system of supervisory control and data acquisition controls (SCADA) and a package pumping station. The factory built pumping station was constructed, delivered and installed in 26 weeks.

NIES staff worked closely with the supplier to expedite the reviews, inspection and testing. Some reviews were conducted at the manufacturing facility to save time. The pumping and metering station was designed to allow future addition of a booster chlorination facility. A standby generator was provided for the pumps and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) were provided at critical elevated tanks to provide the maximum in pumping and control system reliability.

Upon installation the highly automated pumping and metering station performed as designed. Startup was accomplished without disruption of service to Griffith's customers. The flexibility designed into the adjustable speed controls allowed operation to be tailored to meet Griffith's goals of minimizing the pressure on sensitive older mains, while maintaining the elevated and ground storage tanks at adequate levels.

Key Points

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Supply

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