Sanitary Lift Station - Town of Highland, IN

To accommodate new development in an 80 acre area near the south end of town, the Highland Sanitary Board of Commissioners retained NIES Engineering, Inc., to provide design engineering services and services during construction for a new sanitary lift station and 575 lineal feet of 6-inch force main.

The design included jacking and boring a 12-inch casing pipe under adjacent railroad tracks and several petroleum pipelines running parallel to the tracks in order to install the 6-inch force main. Two, 280gpm submersible sewage lift pumps were installed in a precast concrete wet well which was provided with guide rails and a portable lifting hoist to remove the pumps for maintenance. The precast valve vault incorporated piping provisions for emergency bypass pumping. Electrical equipment and controls were located in an above ground building with an exterior plug-in socket provided to accommodate connection of a portable engine-generator. The 45th Street Lift Station and Force Main project was completed in 1997 at a cost of $199,000.

NIES also provided design and construction monitoring services for the 1996 rehabilitation of Highland's aging, 41st Street Sanitary Lift Station. Rehabilitation work included reviewing alternative improvements; coordinating electrical, mechanical and structural inspection work; replacing complete rotating assemblies on two, vertical dry pit pumps (each rated at 1000gpm); and rehabilitating electrical systems by replacing primary electrical feed cable, key electrical breakers and pump controller equipment. Final rehabilitation cost was $40,000.

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