Pedestrian Bridge - Town of Highland, IN

In the Town of Highland, Indiana, a major walkway to the high school and middle school crosses over the Cady Marsh Ditch. This walkway is important to many area school-children, since the closest available crossing of the ditch is shared with a busy arterial street. In 1995, the existing structure was over 60 years old, and was showing signs of disrepair.

The Town of Highland hired NIES Engineering, Inc. to help replace the existing structure with a new six-foot-wide pedestrian bridge. The existing bridge was skewed at an angle to the footpath on both sides, and its deck was below the top of the banks of the ditch.

The new structure was designed for a new alignment that would raise the walking surface to the top of the bank and would provide a straighter path of travel. Made from a self-oxidizing steel, the new bridge is designed to acquire an exterior oxidized coating over time, which eliminates the need for painting and creates a dark brown surface that blends well with the surrounding area.

The new bridge was fabricated off-site and set in place using a 90-ton crane. The project also included extensive site rehabilitation to beautify the area north of the bridge. The structure is at the end of a dead end street, and NIES designed a transition area between the pavement and the new bridge. This transition area includes sidewalks, curb, gutter, and landscaping to provide a pleasant buffer between the walkway and the neighboring residences.

Today the bridge provides a safe crossing for hundreds of students and other area pedestrians.

Key Points

  • Versatility
  • Long-Term Planning

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