Flood Drain - Wicker Memorial Park, North Township, Highland, IN

Wicker Memorial Park in Highland, Indiana, had been experiencing problems with flooding created by the lack of an adequate storm water outfall. Township Staff had to setup and monitor a storm water pump during wet weather which resulted in additional staff hours on nights and weekends to tend to the pumps.

North Township brought in NIES Engineering, Inc., to develop a cost effective way to drain the park. Existing culverts that had been plugged were rehabilitated by installing smaller diameter PVC pipe through the culverts and installing duck-bill check valves to prevent water from flooding back into the park. Additionally a structure was installed in the northern most pond to regulate the water elevation in the pond and in the other connected ponds.

The installation of the culvert liners and check valves has greatly reduced the man hours dedicated to setting up and monitoring the stormwater pumps. The pond control structure maintains a constant water level in the golf course ponds making them more appealing and less work to maintain.

Key Points

  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Reduced Over Time Costs
  • Improved Drainage

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