Large Diameter Sewer Replacement - La Porte, IN

The Fox Street combined sewer, carrying both wastewater and stormwater flows, was originally built in 1910. Ninety years later, the 72-inch diameter sewer carried over 50% of the City’s wastewater south to the Treatment Plant. The sewer was believed to be in very poor condition based on experience with multiple cave-ins.

Remote TV inspection confirmed extensive sewer deterioration threatening complete failure which prompted the City’s decision to replace one mile of sewer with new reinforced concrete pipe (RCP). Several challenges added complexity to the project. The original sewer route deviated from the right-of-way, traversing underneath two commercial greenhouse buildings.

To keep disruption to greenhouse operations to a minimum, the new 78-inch sewer would need to follow a new path within the right-of-way, where other utilities were already located. The RCP sewer was constructed using an open-cut trench and at the north end of the project this trench was more than 30 feet deep. This required a wide excavated area and replacement of more than 2,000 feet of incidental water main.

All project construction was achieved with minimum disruption to residents and local businesses. There was considerable public interest in the job due to the shear size of the construction equipment and RCP sewer pipe (each eight foot long section weighed over eight tons). Site visitors included newspaper photographers, students from a local school and city officials.

NIES Engineering helped to secure State Revolving Fund (SRF) financing for the project by completing Program Application and a Preliminary Engineering Study. We provided assistance in every phase of the project including field surveying, preparation of plans and specifications, reviewing bids, contractor selection and on-site construction inspection. We completed all phases of the project on time and within budget.

The City of La Porte has now significantly improved the reliability and capacity of a major section of the combined sewer system.

Key Points

  • SRF Funding
  • Cost Effective
  • Cooperation

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