Wastewater Plant - NIPSCO, Michigan City, IN

Northern Indiana Public Service Company's (NIPSCO's) existing, on-site, packaged Sewage Treatment Plant, located at the Bailly Generating Station in Michigan City, IN, was in need of being replaced with a new treatment facility. NIES Engineering, Inc., working as a sub consultant to HOH Engineers, Inc., of Chicago, provided preliminary and final design services for a new on-site treatment facility.

A Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) established a Design Average Flow of 4500 GPD and a Peak Design Flow of 15000 GPD, required to accommodate domestic wastewater from onsite buildings. The PER compared three alternatives including discharge to a waste water treatment plant (WWTP) owned by others, an on-site WWTP using recirculating filter technology or an on-site WWTP using extended aeration technology. NIES recommended an on-site extended aeration, single stage nitrification treatment plant based on lower first cost, greater operational flexibility, less use of land area, improved treatment capability and existing Plant Operators familiarity.

The new extended aeration WWTP features tilt-up concrete construction for the equalization tank, dual aeration chambers, dual clarifiers and an aerobic digester. The extended aeration tankage has a concrete top with FRP grates for access to equipment. All electrical equipment, dual rotary 5 HP air blowers, UV system, and metering system are located in a concrete block building. Throughout the plant, attention was given to utilization of corrosion resistant materials including concrete extended aeration tankage, stainless steel and plastic piping, stainless steel UV trough, FRP metering flume and fiberglass wet well structures for the Influent and effluent pump stations.

Key Points

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Cost Effective
  • Cooperation

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