Nature Works Conservancy District - Porter County, IN

The Aberdeen Development comprising approximately 700 residential and commercial units was seeking a means to collect and dispose of their sewage.

When NIES became involved a system requiring a septic tank to be located in each front yard, small diameter sewers and 25 acres of constructed wetlands and septic drain fields was being proposed. The costs were prohibitive.

NIES proposed a conventional gravity sewer system and a highly efficient small wastewater treatment plant. The initial cost savings were approximately $1,000,000. The long term savings resulting from not having to pump out 700 septic tanks are also substantial.

Cost savings aside, the treatment plant performance has consistently been well within the IDEM requirements. The collection system was designed for minimal leakage and resulting treatment plant flows have been substantially below expectations. No significant increase in plant flowrate is experienced during rainfall events.

By working together, the Nature Works Conservancy District and NIES Engineering have created a high performance sewage collection and treatment system which has proven cost effective to build and to operate.


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