Stephen Park - Schererville, IN

Stephen Park is located in Schererville, IN, at the intersection of 77th Avenue and Lincolnwood Avenue. When the Schererville Parks Department decided to make drainage improvements to some of their parks, they came to NIES for help.

NIES was hired to collect highly accurate topographic data for site analysis, pinpoint areas in the park where drainage was a concern, analyze potential for stormwater detention and make a recommendation for improvements. The existing site had very low slopes ranging from flat to 4% with several isolated low areas providing no chance of runoff during heavy rains. This resulted in large portions of the Park being relatively useless following storm events. After site and cost analysis with the Town and Parks Department, a design was selected that would provide a stormwater conveyance system for the recreational areas in the park and restore an existing eroded ditchline.

This provided residents with a more enjoyable park with usable recreation facilities and alleviated maintenance expenditures for the Parks Dept. NIES also assisted with overseeing construction of the project to ensure that the sewer and ditchline was installed and restored in a manner that would maintain use of as many existing facilities on site as possible.

Key Points

  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Reduced Over Time Costs
  • Improved Drainage


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