Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades - Town of Schererville, Indiana

Due to sustained population growth that was not expected to subside in the near future, the Town of Schererville found themselves needing a wastewater treatment plant upgrade. More specifically, the plant required an upgrade of the screening, grit and raw sewage pumping facilities.

NIES Engineering was brought in to develop a strategy for the most cost effective and rapid path to achieve the necessary plant improvements. A detailed preliminary design report was submitted for fast track final design by another firm. NIES then administered the construction phase of the 78 million gallon per day (MGD) peak flow capacity facility upgrades.

Features of the installed upgrades included: Two new 39 MGD mechanical fine screens with screening washers and compaction; a new centrifugal grit collector with grit washing and dewatering; a new higher capacity Parshall flume flow meter; and major renovations of the Raw Sewage Pumping Station with new pumps, controls, adjustable speed drives and new standby diesel generator.

The project was substantially complete in 2011. The Town of Schererville now has one less obstacle to stand in the way of their continued growth.

Key Points

  • Fast Track Design
  • Resource Pooling
  • Increased Capacity
  • Efficiency


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