Local Street Reconstruction - Austin Avenue, Town of Schererville, IN

NIES Engineering was selected as Project Engineer for the Design and Construction Inspectors of the Street Reconstruction and Resurfacing Project of Austin Avenue for highway U.S. 30 to 77th Avenue.

The project consisting of new curbs, sidewalks, driveways, aprons, storm sewers, water main replacement, full depth asphalt pavement replacement and an asphalt mill and overlay. This roadway required many upgrades and was a high candidate for roadway and infrastructure improvements.

The water main has been fully replaced in order to eliminate the failing water system which burdened residents and the town with water main breaks. The water main replacement was from the North side of U.S. 30, which required a bore and jack to cross U.S. 30, to the North edge of an existing subdivision. The storm sewer collection system has been fully upgraded within the reconstruction area. The South intersection of Austin Avenue at U.S. 30 has been widened to introduce and additional turn lane for North bound travelers to turn East onto U.S. 30. The final product providing residents with a smooth driving surface, effective storm water drainage and efficient water main infrastructure. Upon completion of the design, NIES assisted in the bidding and awarding of the contract; and closely working with the Town of Schererville, aided in the overseeing of the construction onsite.

The residents of the Town of Schererville can now enjoy a much improved driving surface, effective drainage and reliable water main infrastructure.

Key Points

  • Wider Roadway
  • Cost Effective Rehabilitation
  • Extended Life
  • Improved Stormwater Runoff

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