Belt Filter Press Design - Schererville, IN (1997)

The solids handling facilities at the Schererville Wastewater Treatment Plant were severely overloaded. Conventional drying beds could not keep up with sludge production, creating a large solids inventory and placing the plant operators in an extremely tenuous position.

NIES Engineering designed a belt filter press to aid in dewatering bio-solids at the Schererville WWTP. The filter press, installed in a previously existing building, utilizes a polymer to enhance the drying process. Additionally, variable frequency drives were provided on pumps to allow flexibility in operation of the system. Incorporated into this project is a truck loading station to allow direct hauling of the thickened sludge and piping to allow transfer of thickened sludge to the existing drying beds.

Depending on operational requirements, the Schererville Wastewater Treatment Plant staff now has the ability to dewater bio-solids for direct disposal or to reduce the solid’s volume to maximize their drying bed capacity. The Belt Filter press not only provides flexibility in operation, but in disposal options as well.

Key Points

  • Flexible Design
  • Cost Effective

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