Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehab - Shorewood Utilities, IN (2005)

NIES Engineering, Inc. has served the Shorewood Utilities water and wastewater operations with planning studies, operational consulting, design engineering and construction services. The Shorewood wastewater treatment plant was originally constructed using three steel package plants. Two of the plants were over 20 years old, and in need of extensive tank repair.

NIES Engineering developed cost effective structural systems to repair the tanks and prepare them for future service. Applying a cathodic protection system further extended the useful service life after repainting had been completed. Excess energy usage for aeration was identified during the planning study. The existing coarse bubble diffusers were providing sufficient mixing but suffered from poor oxygen transfer efficiency.

NIES Engineering prepared plans and specifications for retrofitting all three aeration tanks with membrane type fine bubble diffusers. With appropriate blower modifications the new diffusers will pay for themselves in approximately three years. A similar retrofit for the remaining aeration tank and the aerobic digesters is now being undertaken.

Shorewood Utilities has benefited from the involvement of NIES Engineering through improved efficiency, extended life cycle, and lower cost of ownership.

Key Points

  • Long-Term Planning
  • Cost Effective Design


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